Hasn't this been good for you?

Aug. 18, 2015
By Nancy Bingham

Hefting my small red kayak across the field of barnacle sharp rocks; feet crunching as I teetered from one rocktop to the next my mind was filled with pride. I am stronger. I could paddle the whole way out and back without needing a rest. I could get out of the kayak in an easy move..well, easier, than that awful moment when I sat at the shore, like some turtle on it's back, unable to rise.

This is a direct result of the many early mornings I put in at Heidi's Circuit Class. I'm very excited to experience the changes it's made in all parts of my life. I can carry the clay bags and five gallon water jugs again..

I am more flexible..these things I thought I was losing, getting older...are coming back and I am proud. I want all my friends to come and see what can happen for them too.

The group is great, hard working, supportive, and to top it off we even break into song sometimes when the oldies come on..."stop, in the name of love, before you break my heart...think it o-o-ver"...

(hasn't this been good for you??)