In an effort to keep the facility available to all, use fees, including those received from the Silver Sneaker program, are below actual cost. This is made possible only by the continued generous support and volunteer service of community members and other users of Lopez Fit.

Please consider donating* to help ensure the continued operation of Lopez Fit while making it affordable to all.

*Lopez Fit is not a non-profit organization under federal IRS rules - your contribution is therefore not deductible from federal taxes.

You may donate to Lopez Fit by check. You will receive the mailing directions after you have pledged below.

Or you may donate by credit or debit card (securely processed by PayPal - no PayPal account is required).

Your email address will not be shared with others. We would like to know your name and maybe acknowledge you as a donor - please check the "Anonymous" box if you do not wish to be publicly acknowledged.

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