Re-opening safeguards – Welcome Back!

Lopez Fit is looking forward to welcoming everyone back to our gym. We are committed to providing you with a safe environment while you work to keep your body healthy and strong.  To this end we have added many features to help you feel safe and avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The video below explains all the protections in place.

In addition to the protections we have put in place, we also require that all members sign a COVID-19 liability waiver, and we are asking all members to signup online to reserve a spot at the gym or in a class.

Extra Covid-19 protection in place at Lopez Fit:

  • All staff and members will be required to wear face masks (3-ply paper or fabric without vents).
  • Plexiglas Shields will be in place at the desk to protect members and staff.
  • Members’ temperature will be taken upon entering with a touch-less thermometer.
  • Sign-in at the desk will be “hands-off”.
  • A personal sanitized spray bottle will be checked out to each member for use during that gym visit.  Members are expected to wipe down any machine before and after use.
  • Staff will be sanitizing desk, bathroom area, etc. several times each shift.
  • There will be more hand sanitizer stations throughout gym.
  • There will be transparent, 6-foot, virus protection shields added throughout the main gym.
  • A few pieces of equipment will be closed down or moved during this time to apply social distancing.
  • HEPA filters will be added to box fans throughout gym.
  • Gym Capacity: We have limited the number of participants using the main gym at any one time and limited the number of those attending any classes. You are highly encouraged to sign up online for an hour time slot to work out in the main gym or to attend any class we have offered. You can also show up at the gym to see if there is a space available.
  • Entering and exiting: We will be using the double front doors for entering and exiting the gym.
  • Social Distancing: We are asking members to please maintain a minimum of six feet of social distance from others during their time at the gym. Six-foot markers will be placed outside, leading to gym entrance door, at open area leading to check-in desk, in bathroom hallway.