Online Booking

Please use the form below to schedule a time slot at the gym or reserve a space in a class. You can also book on your smartphone or tablet using the Schedulicity App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. (Note: There are two Schedulicity apps – you want to download the one for clients, NOT for business.)

So that we can adhere to safe social distancing practice, we are limiting the capacity at the gym to 8 people, with a maximum of 2 people in the classroom, and 6 people in the Main Gym. Please note the exceptions to that rule below:

  • During Circuit Training the Main Gym capacity is reduced to 2 people.
  • During Silver Sneakers class the Main Gym capacity is reduced to 6 people
  • Circuit Training is limited to 6 people per class; Silver Sneakers is limited to 5 people

When booking a time slot for the Main Gym:

  • All time slots are for 1 hour on the hour. You may arrive anytime during the hour you have signed up for.
  • Please make sure you have finished your work out and are ready to leave by the end of your allotted time slot.

Remember to bring your mask! Please bring a water bottle. You will be able to refill your bottle but drinking from the water fountain is disabled.

You will get a confirmation email from You can also sign up for text message alerts.

If you haven’t already done so, sign the online Covid-19 Liability Waiver. This is required before your first visit to the gym.

If you need to cancel your booking:
– on the day of the booking please call the gym at (360) 468-3199
– prior to the day of the booking, you can sign into your account at Schedulicity to cancel.